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Sign up for real search engine optimization for your website. We don't simply blast out a bunch of links to worthless sites that Google ignores. We visit your site to look it over and to write compelling, positive articles or reviews that include backlinks for posting on high-value websites. We create a short promotional video with impact, with titles specifically about your site. And more!

  • High quality, low cost plan (compare it to our competitors)
  • Plan pricing is a one-time fee
  • This is not a monthly plan with monthly billing!
$445 $795
  • Detailed SEO Report emailed to you when SEO service is complete
  • Allow 30 days for the complete work
  • Created links can point to your site's home page or any combination of inner pages on your site (your choice)
  • All sites niche-relevant
  • All sites have few outbound links
  • Two articles, each with a link, will be added to each site
  • UK clients: many domains will be
12 websites
(24 articles)
(24 links)
24 websites
(48 articles)
(48 links)
  • All blogs niche-relevant
  • All blogs have few outbound links
  • Two articles, each with a link, will be added to each blog
  • Big-name platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr
8 blogs
(16 articles)
(16 links)
15 blogs
(30 articles)
(30 links)
  • Web 2.0 social media site user account profiles will include a link to your website
10 15
.edu/.gov PROFILES
  • Authority .edu/.gov site user account profiles will include a link to your website
3 3
  • Your site added to publicly viewable social bookmarking sites
  • Big-name social sites including StumbleUpon, Diigo, Delicious
20 30
  • No "auto-posted" comments
  • Manually written and posted on only very niche-relevant existing blog articles
  • Good source of direct, motivated traffic
12 18
  • Get your site noticed on social media
  • The social giants Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest
100 Facebook Likes
75 Twitter Shares
 40 Google+ Votes
20 Pinterest Pins
150 Facebook Likes
120 Twitter Shares
 60 Google+ Votes
30 Pinterest Pins
  • Short 20 - 30 second videos customized to promote your site
  • Submission of all videos to video-sharing sites YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion
  • Google owns YouTube — your YouTube-posted videos will get noticed fast!
2 3
  • At least 1000 human visitors directed to each of your YouTube videos to view them
  • Many of these viewers may 'Like' your video on YouTube
  • Having many views indicates to Google your video is hot!
  • Several of the above Web 2.0 pages will be interlinked to "feed" authority to one another
  • A truly powerhouse way to get Google to notice your site!
  • Select either the Package 1 Plan or Package 2 Plan
  • Each plan is a one-time cost — there are no additional monthly fees!
  • Enter your website URL ( so we know what site we'll be applying SEO to.
 $445  SEO Package1
 $795  SEO Package 2
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Not sure about some of what's included in the above SEO packages? Below you'll find some details to help clarify things.


These are all existing "top-level" (such as .com, .org and .net) websites that will be relevant to your website. As opposed to "web 2.0" sites, which are created on free platforms and have domain names that include the platform (such as or, these are independent domains on their own hosting accounts. Getting articles (with links back to your site) posted on these well-established, bigger sites is much harder (and more valuable) then getting posts on easier to find (and create) web 2.0 sites.

As for relevancy, we'll make sure that the sites we post to include content relevant to your site. That is, if your website sells music, we won't put an article linking to your site on a website that reviews kitchen appliances — all articles will go on music-related sites (as an example).

As a sidenote, if you have a UK website we'll make sure that many of these domains will be domains ( If you're doing business primarily in the UK, Google likes to see that some UK sites are interested in linking to your site.

Outbound links are the number of links to other sites, on one web page. Some SEO firms will try to get the most out of a web page by loading it with links to the sites of many clients (including, possibly, links to the website of a competitor of yours). We don't do that.

We'll add two articles, each with a link to different page of your site, on each website we use for your project. So, for instance, you could have a link to your home page (, and a link to an inner page on your site (

Getting links from top-level websites is the most expensive part of SEO. It's why buying SEO services that include these links is expensive. MadBeeTech SEO, though, has brought the price-point way down. Just look at this service from one of the "other guys" — links from just 4 websites costs more than our entire SEO Package #1, which includes links from 12 websites.

other seo 1

The second "other guys" service — shown below — offers 5 website links from one plan (compared to our SEO Package #2's 12 websites), and their 15 website links plan is priced far higher than our SEO Package #2 plan that supplies you with links from 24 websites.

other seo 2


Web 2.0 platforms like WordPress are hugely popular nowadays. We'll add articles to many niche-relevant Web 2.0 blogs on only the most popular respected platforms including WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger

As we do for website backlinks, we'll add two articles, each with a link to your site, on each blog.


When a person creates a Web 2.0 account, that person gets a profile page — a page on which the person can add personal details such as a short bio. A link to a website can also be included on a profile page, and we'll use that to link to your site.

Profile links add some diversity to your backlink profile (the list of all the different sources of links to your site).

.edu/.gov PROFILES

Like Web 2.0 blogs, when you create an account on a .edu or .gov site, you are often allowed to create a profile page that can include a link to a website. Educational and government websites are very selective about who they allow to have an account, and thus are very hard to obtain. And it's a reason that Google loves links from .edu and .gov websites.


A social bookmarking site is one that allows a person to keep an online store of bookmarks to favorite websites for easy accesses from anywhere. We add your website to many social bookmarking accounts. Google can find these links when they're made publically viewable (which of course is what we do).

We use the big-name, popular bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Delicious and Diigo — it's another great way to add some diversity to your site's backlink profile.


Commenting on existing blog articles, and including a link within that comment, is a practice that has been abused by SEO practicioners (as many blog owners know from getting their blog posts spammed by commentors). They figured out a way to automate the process, and send out "Nice site you have, visit" comments everywhere.

There is still, however, a place for blog comments. When a niche-relevant blog article is found, and a helpful, logical comment is manually submitted, a blog owner who moderates the blog may approve its posting. When that happens, you have a great source for direct traffic — getting a visitor not through a Google search, but directly from a reader of the comment clicking the link.

How do we know this? We've done it for our own site. Here's a blog comment added to a blog 7 years ago — and we still get traffic to our site from this one comment:

blog comment
blog comment tracking


Everyone's on social media. And a lot of people on social media are telling the world what site's they feel are interesting or popular by giving a site a Like or Share.

Many people feel that Google has included social sharing as some part of their ranking algorithm. It's hard to know for sure, but it certainly can't hurt for your site to have a bunch of Facebook Likes, Twitter Shares, Google+ Votes and Pinterest Pins. We get all of these for your site.