The Number One way people get to a website is by seeing it listed in a search engine. If a person does a Google search, and your site isn't listed in the results, that person won't be visiting your site. It's as simple as that.

To move your site up in search results you need to get Google to take notice of your site. Accomplishing that requires SEOSearch Engine Optimization.


When a person enters a search phrase at Google, how does Google decide the order to list matching sites? Why does Google select one site to rank higher than another? One of the primary factors in ranking a site is the number of quality backlinks that site has. Your site has one backlink when a different site provides a link back to your site.

Why does Google reward a site that has backlinks? Because Google rightly determines that a site needs a reason to devote a link to another site, and that reason is typically because the site holding the backlink likes the site it's linking to.


Obviously, the not-so-secret key to improving your standings with search engines is to get quality, authoritative sites to provide backlinks to your site. That's what we do at MadBeeTech SEO. We don't run some automated system that creates thousands of worthless links to your site. We generate several customized, high quality, authoritative, powerful backlinks that Google and other search engines love!

We'll create articles and reviews customized just for your website. And we'll get that information posted on web pages that Google gives authority to. Each of these web pages will link to your website (provide a backlink to your website). These articles with backlinks will be posted on popular web 2.0 sites, as well as on some of the many well-established .com websites we control. The result is dozens of sites around the Internet recognizing your site — something that Google loves.

how backlinks work

That's not all we do. We'll also use other techniques to get Google to recognize your site.

One very helpful SEO trick is to have a short video created that promotes you website, and then have that video posted to your own YouTube channel. Here's some information that not everyone knows. Guess who owns YouTube? The answer is, Google! Google owns YouTube so, logically, Google includes YouTube videos within search results.

We'll create a video customized for your site, create a YouTube channel just for your video, and upload the video to it. Then any YouTube user will be able to view it. We'll also promote that video to guarantee that it gets at least 500 views on YouTube.

Here's a typical example of a video we'd create for a website. The style of the video (and text captions in the video) would vary depending on the type of website you have.

Our SEO PLANS page includes the specifics of what you get with your MadBeeTech SEO package. If you're interested in true, meaningful Search Engine Optimization for your website, you'll want to check out that page now!

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